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Another of our projects of mobile machines is a series of special vehicles – aerial work platforms - on truck chassis designated as service vechicle for railways' catenary lines;

Renault Midlum (DMC 15 T and DMC 18T) - vehicle with a cab of two rows of seats, equipped with a swivel arm with an electrically insulated wooden work platform.



The machine is intended for automatic twisting a mesh of a wire 2.0 to 4.0mm thick. The mesh fizible size is 40 to 60mm. The grid is formed by winding two wires at the same time to a rotating spindle made of a flat bar. At the same time with the winding, the wire slides from the flat bar towards the winding of the finished net. The wire is automatically cut off after reaching a fixed number of turns and the finished net is rolled into the roll at the base of the machine. Machine operation (ie mesh width, number of rolled wires, operating speed) is controlled by a PLC

For our client we have analyzed and developed the technical documentation of the CE marking:
- design analysis, selection of machine specific directives, selection of conformity assessment procedures,
- analysis of hazards arising from the use of the machine together with the warning and information signs,
- analysis of compliance with the essential requirements of EC directives,
- development of instructions for use in accordance with the requirements of the machine directive,
- develop the EC Declaration of Conformity.
The machine meets the requirements of the directives:
2006/42 / EC - Machinery Directive,
2006/95 / EC - Low Voltage Directive,
2004/108 / EC - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.





podest4 montraks wooden platform 

The platfor is designated for instalation on mobile elevating arms.








Work platform montraks

Work platformFold 1


gearbox2Special construction of gearbox have been designed and manufactured by our team and cooperators. The gearbox is intended to transfer momentum from vehicle tires' (by direct contact) to rail wheels'. The vehicle design speed is 70 km/h forward and 15 km/h backwords. The gearbox can be also supplied for various different design requirements.


The reason of double track vehicles, called Road-rail vehicles, is not a travel on both road and railways but they are built for service actions and works provided on railways inaccessable by road. The vehicle have to access the railway at the crossing with the road and then is able to continue the traver on rails.

Our RoadRail vehicle has been built on 4x4 chassis of MAN TGM. Cabin of that vehicle can accommodate 5 people + driver.

Rail drive of that vehicle consists of 4 solid steel hweels that takes power from a road tires by a drum installed by each wheel and hense is able to brake by all 4 wheels as well.

We've already designed and built a number of road-rail vehicles intended for drive on trams' and trains' traks of gauge 1000 mm and 1435 mm and we are able to provide vechicles for any other rail sizes.

We can provide completed commercial vechicles equipped with front or rear crane, elevating work platform of various size, capacity and outreach or provide naked rail chasis for your company assembly as well as bespoke design for your poduction.


Forward drive speed - 70 kph (electronically restricted to 60 kph)

Backwards drive 14 kph

Max total mass of the vechicle 18 ton


The base chassis (MAN TGM) is equipped with automatic type gearbox containing 12 forward and 2 revers stages. MAN PKP3



 TRACK GAUGE DETAILS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_gauge

 MAN TGM on rails3




TGM 18.280 4x2 BB

4x2 Freight Carrier

Sleeper Cab

TGM 18.280 4x2 BB

Engine Model



6.87 litre


280 hp / 206 kW at 2400 r/min

Torque Nm

1100Nm at 1200 – 1750 r/min1300 – 1750 r/min

Engine regulation


Engine brake

EVB Exhaust Valve Brake

Air Compressor

Single cylinder 352cc

Fuel System

Twin fuel filter and Separ water separator

Intake System

Raised air intake with dry air filter behind cab.



F&S 395 mm Diameter



• ZF power steering type 8098


• Pneumatic steering wheel adjustment for height and


• Steering wheel lock as standard



• ZF 9S1310 over drive gearbox

• 9 forward speeds, 1 reverse


• Synchromesh gearbox with manual shift

• First gear ratio – 9.48

• Top gear ratio – 0.75

Propeller Shafts


Maintenance free

Rear Axle & Suspension


• MAN HY-1133 Hypoid axle with hub unit

• Differential lock fitted as standard


• 11 500 kg Parabolic suspension with stabilisers

• Rear Axle Ratio: 4.63:1

Forward gears

Transmission ratio

9.48 6.58 4.70 3.68 2.62 1.89 1.35 1.00 0.75

Speed (km/h) with 4.63:1 axle ratio

9 14 19 26 35 48 67 91 121

Speed Table – with 315/80R22.5 tyres at 2400 r/min


MAN 6-cylinder in line common rail diesel engine with turbo charger & intercooler

Climbing Ability at V Rating

Moving off behaviour 40 %

Top gear gradability 4.2 % at 89 km/h

Power Take Off

Electrically prepared for retro-fitment of Power Take Off

Front Axle & Suspension


• MAN VOK-07 dropped front axle with life

lubricated hub unit


• 7 500 kg Parabolic springs with shock

absorbers and stabilisers

TGM 18.280 4x2 BB

Brake System


• MAN BrakeMatic Electronic Braking System with

ABS, air dryer

• Disc brakes on all wheels

• Asbestos free brake linings


Front tyres:

• Standard Size: 315/80R22.5 Tubeless Radial

Capacity 7 700 kg

• Steel disc wheels 10-hole 9.00-22.5

Rear tyres:

• Standard Size: 315/80R22.5 Tubeless Radial

Capacity 13 400 kg

• Steel disc wheels 10-hole 9.00-22.5

• Spare wheel carrier on left hand side

Electrical System

• 24 Volt


• 2 batteries, 12V 88Ah


28V 80A 2240 W

Battery Isolation:

• Mechanical battery main switch


• Single tone horn

Service meter

MAN Tronic

• CAN (Controller Area data Network) serial bus

system, connecting computer systems, sensors

& actuator units, without the need for complex

wiring harness. High operational reliability with

double contact security

• Computers optimise driveline & brake efficiency, fuel economy, vehicle

reliability, ease of use, and safety

• Comprehensive diagnostic functions resulting in reduced maintenance &

repair times

Fuel Tank


300 litre fuel tank


• Right hand side of chassis


• Fuel tank strainer with lockable fuel tank cap

Chassis Frame


• U section main members of high strength TM500

tempered steel with riveted & bolted cross members


270 x 70 x 7 mm


• Synthetic bumper with integrated air dam

• Rear cross member for trailer coupling (2 line brake

connection on frame end, standard fitment)

• Body mounting brackets

• Front & rear under ride guards

L “Sleeper” cab with low roof


2 240 mm


2 280 mm


• Coil sprung cab mounts


• Windscreen of tinted

laminated glass

• Mechanical door window winders

• Mechanical opening roof vent

• Extensive protection against corrosion: Panels fully galvanized, GFRP elements, plastic

cladding for areas subject to stone impact

• Sun shade in front of windscreen, laminated & tinted windscreen, tinted side windows

• Air conditioner with automatic temperature control

• Radio with RDS function and CD player

• Rear-view mirrors mechanically adjustable

• Air sprung high-comfort driver’s seat

• Static co-driver’s seat

• All round curtain

• 1 x Sleeping bunk with storage space

• Extensive storage facilities


MAN Chassis Type TGM 4x2 18.280 BB

Cab Type L Sleeper

Combination Mass

GCM G60 33 000 kg

D/T 33 000 kg

Tare Mass

Tare Mass of Chassis Cab Excluding Driver & Fuel: 5 575 kg

– Front Axle

3 565 kg

– Rear Axle 2 010 kg


Gross Vehicle


GA Front G01

7 500 kg

GA Rear G02

11 500 kg


18 000 kg


Gross Vehicle


A Front

7 500 kg

A Rear 9 000 kg

V – Rating 16 500 kg

Legal Body and Payload Capacity

10 925 kg


Wheelbase L01 6 175 mm

Front Overhang

L10 1 400 mm

Rear Overhang L11 3 275 mm

Overall Length L42 10 850 mm

Centre Line Front Axle to Back of Cab

880 mm

Rear Of Cab To End Of Chassis Frame

8 570 mm

Cab to Rear Axle Centreline

C/A 5 295 mm

Standard Body Length to End of Chassis Frame

SBL 8 420 mm

Maximum Body Length – Overhang = 60% of W/B

MBL 8 850 mm


Overall Height Unladen H01 3 008 mm

Overall Height Laden H02 2 936 mm

Chassis Frame Height Unladen H03 1 119 mm

Chassis Frame Height Laden H04 978 mm

Ground Clearance Front

H06 249 mm

Ground Clearance Rear

H07 279 mm


Chassis Cab Width B01 2 240 mm

Chassis Width at Rear B05 864 mm

Width Across Rear Tyres

B02 2 422 mm

Turning Circle

Kerb to Kerb (m) K01 21,1 m

Swept Circle (m) K02

22,7 m


TGM 18.280 4x2 BB


Ref: 13-105 / TGM 18.280 BB-L / 10.10.2013

MAN Truck & Bus (S.A.) Pty Ltd


The building imitation has been designed and built of sea containers. The construction is used for training of rescue services, mainly fireman brigades.



road rail daily 1 

Next of our road-rail commercial vehicles ! 

The vehicle built on IVECO DAILY chassis works as service - emegrency truck in company WARSAW TRAMS in Poland.

The vehicle has relatively low frame thats why we had to use small rail wheels and foldable rail chassis. The wheels are driven by a pair of hydraulic motors that can achieve travel speed of 13mph (20 km/h)

The best place to maneuver our vehicle on and off rails is a rail-road crossing. The short rail axles gap makes the operation very easy.

The built-on container contains equipment and tools for restoring the tram that happened to fall out. In order to facilitate the staff work, we have built-on HDS crane of capacity 3.4 tm at the rear of the vehicle  

Daily road rail 2m

Iveco szynowy2


The road-rail vehicles' drive system can be open or closed circuit. In this construction (IVECO DAILY) we've made closed circuit oil system. Driving power is supplied from main gearbox of the vehicle by power take off adaptor. The multi-piston hydraulic pum of variable displacement, driven by the power take off adaptor, supplies 2 motors assembled at front rail wheels (more loaded pair of wheels). Driving speed is controlled by both engine speed and the main pump displacement volume and due to that we achieve good acceleration at small vehicle starting as well as good travel speed up to 20 kph. The variable displacement pump provides also smooth and efective decelerating and backwards drive at the same max speed. Main motor and power take off adaptor rotates the same direction at both forward and backward travel of the vehicle.

Equipment installed on the vehicle like: rear loading crane. rail wheels' swingarm folding cylinders, powered by a separate external gear type pump driven by the same power take off of the engine gearbox. Solenoid-and-manual operated levers' of multi-valve block are used for control of all the drives (all but wheel drive).

Radio controll of the crane is a standard equipment of most of HIAB models and many other cranes'.


You can find more photos (captured on road) of our vehicle on below linked websites:



Our youtube movie - rail test drive


working platform on tractorTractor mounted work platform was designed by our team for extremely hardly reachable places, ex. in fields or forests where no roads reaches.

Telescopic arm is instaled on rotatable column and fixed to a tractor by special frame construction. The frame has pairs of frond and rear outriggers.

Machine conforms requirements or Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE and european standard EN 280


Working platform operation zone is 21m high and 9m wide.


Towable work platform is designed as single-axle trailer with drawbar of adjustable height and overrun brake. Work platform is placed on single (or telescopic) arm with articulated maneuvering extention - JIB.

MAN TGM montraks road-rail truck catenary serwice work platform traction corrector reail whels rail truck

Road - rail truck built on MAN TGM 18.250 chassis was designed by Machine Design Office INBIURO and built by our partner for MZK Bydgoszcz (pl. communication institution of city Bydgoszcz). The vehicle is used for maintenance and service of tram's catenary.


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