car tippler 1Truck tippler is used for unloading of bulk materials (mainly grain) from cars without tilting cargo box. The construction of tippler is a steel platform and is lifted by two hydraulic actuators. Swivel mount body of the actuator in the foundation allows to tilt the platform and follow the car's wheels lifted.



Why should you choose exactly our tippler?

Reason No. 1: The Platform bends itself to follow the wheels of the tilting car. In the solutions which are not tilting (eg scissor jacks) there must occur a side slip of the wheels of the car.

Reason No. 2: Piston rod of the actuator is one piece and thus can be subjected to bending moments as opposed to the telescopic actuators whose piston rods by bending moment quickly lose tightness (telescopic actuators should be used in the full ramp tipplers).

Reason No. 3: Cylinder actuator is suspended articulated in the top (not in the bottom!). The place suspension (swivel) reset the bending moments. From the point of suspension to the platform the bending moment increases linearly. In the solutions supported at the bottom of the actuator, bending moments (aggravating seal) arise during climb, because seal is above the swivel.

Reason No. 4: All actuators are hydraulic synchronized by an adequate system of dividers and are moving simultaneously despite uneven loads.

Tippler is available in two versions:

9m version:

- platform: length 9m, width 0.8m,

- lifting height: 1.1m,

- 2 hydraulic actuators,

- capacity: 12t

- used for vehicles weight up to 24t

- power: 6kW

18m version:

- platform: length 18m, width 0.8m,

- lifting height: 1.1m,

- 4 hydraulic actuators,

- capacity: 24t

- used for vehicles weight up to 48t

- power: 11kW

The tippler is made as assembly of 2 platforms (each length 9m). Hydraulic control enables work of each platform separately or simultaneously. The control system of actuators provides their equal lifting regardless of the load distribution inequality. Implementation of full ramp tippler allows to use telescopic actuators and reduce the depth of excavation into actuators

tippler 9m

car tippler 18m

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