This time, a project of food industry machine. For one of our clients, we have developed the construction documentation, strength analysis and documentation of CE marking of the hoist for loading meat into the milling machine.

The lift is designed for lifting and inverting standardized bins. Drive of lifting mechanisms is realized by a three-phase electric gear drive.

Due to the purpose for the food industry and contact with food, the machine must meet the requirements of standard 1935/2004 - Materials and articles intended for contact with food, and therefore the body of the whole machine has been made of acid-resistant steel. In addition, due to the necessity of frequent cleaning of the whole machine with the use of a pressure washer and disinfectants, machine control devices must meet increased tightness requirements (IP65 degree of protection) and resistance to corrosion. Electrical cupboard have been made of stainless steel.

For safety reasons, the machine was enclosed with a steel mesh cage and the control system allows lifting and lowering only when the access gate is closed.



1podn DIN9797 2podn DIN9797


Technical data:

mains:                                            3-phase, 400 V, 50 Hz

current:                                             3,5 A

Power:                                            1,5 kW

controll voltage:                                24 V

protection:                                       IP 65

weight of machine:                           ca. 300 kg

standards:                                         DIN 9797 (120 x 100 cm x Height 76 cm)

capacity:                                          max. 700 kg

noice:                                             < 70 dB (A)

P8310821mskrzynia DIN9797m


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