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Next of our road-rail commercial vehicles ! 

The vehicle built on IVECO DAILY chassis works as service - emegrency truck in company WARSAW TRAMS in Poland.

The vehicle has relatively low frame thats why we had to use small rail wheels and foldable rail chassis. The wheels are driven by a pair of hydraulic motors that can achieve travel speed of 13mph (20 km/h)

The best place to maneuver our vehicle on and off rails is a rail-road crossing. The short rail axles gap makes the operation very easy.

The built-on container contains equipment and tools for restoring the tram that happened to fall out. In order to facilitate the staff work, we have built-on HDS crane of capacity 3.4 tm at the rear of the vehicle  

Daily road rail 2m

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The road-rail vehicles' drive system can be open or closed circuit. In this construction (IVECO DAILY) we've made closed circuit oil system. Driving power is supplied from main gearbox of the vehicle by power take off adaptor. The multi-piston hydraulic pum of variable displacement, driven by the power take off adaptor, supplies 2 motors assembled at front rail wheels (more loaded pair of wheels). Driving speed is controlled by both engine speed and the main pump displacement volume and due to that we achieve good acceleration at small vehicle starting as well as good travel speed up to 20 kph. The variable displacement pump provides also smooth and efective decelerating and backwards drive at the same max speed. Main motor and power take off adaptor rotates the same direction at both forward and backward travel of the vehicle.

Equipment installed on the vehicle like: rear loading crane. rail wheels' swingarm folding cylinders, powered by a separate external gear type pump driven by the same power take off of the engine gearbox. Solenoid-and-manual operated levers' of multi-valve block are used for control of all the drives (all but wheel drive).

Radio controll of the crane is a standard equipment of most of HIAB models and many other cranes'.


You can find more photos (captured on road) of our vehicle on below linked websites:,25705,0,Iveco_Daily_70C15_348.html

Our youtube movie - rail test drive



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