Pro-ecological projects takes more and more place of our activities. Our subsequent project was CE marking of used batteries recycling technology line. The line called KRAB come from Russian company ИРИСМАШ (IRISMASZ Russian manufacturers are not obliged to CE mark their machines designated to local market and importer willing to bring the machine to European Union county is obliged to CE mark the machine. Our company performed analysis of compliance of the recycling line acc. to EU Directives. Manufacturer's technical documentation have been revised and completed and appropriate safety marking of the machine attached. All constructional, technical inconsistencies have been specified and removed by our team.


The machine have been operating at our customer’s ALV-Link, Legnica, Poland.

In short words, the process consists of milling whole batteries’ and mechanic separation of fractions (acid, plastic, lead) that are in reusable pure state.

Polypropylene – for manufacturing purposes (buckets, building foil,…)
lead paste and copper – for re-melting.


krab1 machine for battery recycling

krab3 battery recycling millkrab5 mill for used batterias



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